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Engine diagnostic tests and air conditioning servicing in Midhurst

As well as providing MOTs, servicing and accident and recovery, we are known in the area for providing accurate and quality diagnostic testing and thorough air conditioning servicing for our customers.

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The latest equipment

When it comes to your diagnostic check, we have the latest equipment on the market ensuring that we can provide accurate repairs for any car, van or light commercial vehicle. We have an assortment of modern diagnostic equipment which helps to efficiently find any faults within your vehicle and diagnose warning lights. We provide specialised services and repairs for your car, should you have any issues with your diagnostic testing.

Your diagnostic check – how it works

When it comes to warning lights or electrical issues in your car, it can often be hard to locate. This is because your car comes built in with its own computer that is connected to a number of different components on your vehicle. Each warning light or fault could potentially be one out of hundreds of issues that could be wrong with your car. Whilst your warning light can help give an indication of the problem, a diagnostic test is required to find out the exact location of the issue.

Fault reading

Our diagnostic equipment is hooked up to your car and scans the system to find any abnormalities. It works with any make or model of vehicle, identifying the exact manufacturer specifications specific to your vehicle. Once it scans the system, it then sends codes to the output that our technicians can read. These codes are then translated by our knowledgeable technicians to identify the exact problem.


Getting you an accurate quote

Once your car’s ECU system has been scanned, we can then draw you up an accurate quote based on our findings. This quote will include the repairs that need to be along with labour and parts. We’ll then contact you with the requirements, explaining thoroughly any questions that you have with regards to your repairs.

Vehicle repairs after a diagnostic test

Whatever the problem is we can repair the issue at Midhurst Engineering. As a family-run garage that has been around for centuries, we strongly believe in keeping things honest and transparent for our customers. You guys are what we’re here for and continually support us to provide quality services. We have been able to provide quality, affordable repairs for generations so when it comes to your repairs you can have peace of mind. We aim to get the work done as efficiently as possible, so you can get back to your normal daily life. Any queries you have or repairs you need explaining, we’re more than happy to do so. Book your diagnostic test online today so we can find out the cause of your car problems.

Air conditioning servicing and repairs

When it comes your car’s air conditioning, it needs regular maintenance just like any other part of your vehicle. Every year or so your car loses 10% of its refrigerant gas. This gas is needed to keep the system working smoothly and without it, you don’t just get a badly performing air conditioning system, but it can start to affect your fuel consumption as well as cause damages to the rest of the components. We recommend getting a service and re-gas every 2 years to prevent this happening. At Midhurst engineering, we’ll clean out any dust and dirt from your system, add an anti-bacterial solution, check for any leaks and blockages and refill your refrigerant gas for a fully working system all year round.

Air conditioning repairs – signs to look out for

When it comes to repairs for your air conditioning system, it might not be noticeable straight away. Without regular maintenance, there can be certain breakages in your system that can cause problems. If you notice any peculiar or musty smells, any condensation puddles or strange noises, you’re likely to need repairs. If your system isn’t blowing out cold air anymore or takes a little longer to cool down, you may need a re-gas. Book online with Midhurst Engineering and we can find out if there are any issues or if you just need a simple clean and re-gas. We’ll take a look and quote you before doing any work, so we know you’re 100% happy. Book online today for your diagnostic checks and air conditioning repairs and servicing!

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