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VoIP and you
Introducing VoIP to reduce telephone bills



If you are already familiar with VoIP, and have the necessary equipment to make telephone calls via the internet, do call us on 200920306@voip.21voice.com or 8237300@draytel.org instead - not only will your call be free but you will also get great value with the servicing of your vehicle.

Midhurst Engineering is a VoIP user Voice over Internet Protocol [VoIP] is the family of technologies that allows computer networks to be used for voice applications and enables forward looking companies to drive down their telephone call charges. Midhurst Engineering has embraced this technology to interconnect remote sites and have linked up with other companies in the recovery industry to benefit from zero cost calls. A gateway with the public telephone network gives low cost calls to any geographical number in he UK.

Suppliers, business contacts and customers who are also VoIP users are welcome to interact with Midhurst Engineering using internet telephony. There may be some technical hurdles to be overcome first, so please let us have your VoIP number [which looks like an email address] and we will provide the necessary information so that you can route your telephone call to Midhurst Engineering over the internet. Your point of contact on this issue is david.bradley@mideng.co.uk on DDI 01252 758960.

VoIP also integrates with our computer held customer records enabling click-to-dial a customer's phone number, as well as on-screen call control, contact screen pop-ups for incoming calls, and call reporting. Now at our Service Reception Desk a call through the direct line number 01730 888109 immediately displays customer details on the adjacent computer terminal to enable the technician to work more efficiently.

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