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Training Modules available at our Alton Training Facility or on your premises
We are able to combine some VR Modules with Driver CPC to give added value.


To become a certified professional of the Rescue and Recovery Industry in the United Kingdom it is necessary for candidates to attend training sessions at approved establishments to demonstrate their abilities and skills before being permitted to work on Britain's road network.

Midhurst Engineering is able to offer training on a number of modules, either at or our training venue in Alton or at your premises.

Overview of VR Module Training

Learn all about it Training of Recovery Operators has been redefined under the new VR Modules. This has been driven by the Highways Agency and will probably be written into PAS43;2008 due out in March 2008. It is expected to give a time scale for training all operators to this standard and the inclusion in PAS43 will obviously affect all Recovery Operators.

Modular Training has split the training of operators into categories more suitable for learning and practical testing. The operator only needs to pass the relevant modules for the type of work they will be doing and hopefully be better trained.

There are three Core Modules that all operators need to pass:

  • Vr01 Health and Safety
  • Vr02 Customer Service
  • Vr03 Roadside Safety

Passing these three modules will grant the operator their Roadside Technician ID card as required by the Highways Agency.

Further modules can be chosen suitable to the work they will be doing.

  • Vr04 Service Van
  • Vr05 Spec Lift
  • Vr06 Light Transporter
  • Vr07 Off Road Winching
  • Vr17 Lorry Loader Crane
  • Vr19 Preservation of Evidence

A training session in progress A training session in progress A training session in progress A training session in progress

A training session in progress - Click on any picture to enlarge


Courses run by Midhurst Engineering

To discuss your requirements contact our instructor, Matthew Ayling
email: matt@mideng.co.uk or call 01730 812162



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