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Toy Breakdown Truck Roadside Assistance & Recovery
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Motoring Organisation's Control Room Operative
When a motoring organisation's member breaks down, they phone their breakdown service, who enter the incident information into their computer system. They then appoint a garage to carry out the work required, and send the details directly into the selected garage's computer network.

Control Centre Staff
The information received by Midhurst Engineering's Control Centre is assessed in the light of current commitments. Operating a fleet of over a dozen recovery vehicles, ranging from a Vauxhall Vivaro SWB 1.9 CDTI Service Van With RDT [Rapid Deployment Trailer] to a fully equipped Scania R420 Accident Unit, it is usually possible to have a recovery vehicle with the stranded motorist within forty minutes. Occasionally circumstances outside our control may mean a longer wait.

Recovery Truck No.40 - ISUZU NQR Spec lift Incident information is next passed to an available recovery vehicle into a cab fitted computer. This computer, in conjunction with a vehicle fitted GPS unit, computes the best route to the incident scene and will display routing information together with an estimated time of arrival [ETA].

Tracking software at Midhurst Engineering's Control Room, will also have the same information displayed on their computer screens.

Turbo Dispatch unit fitted to a vehicle Once the recovery vehicle has arrived on the scene of the incident, an update is sent back to the control room. Every attempt will be made to effect a roadside repair, but if this is not possible then appropriate arrangements will be made to transport the disabled vehicle, and its occupants, to an agreed destination. Generally all costs are meet by the motoring organisation but occasionally a contribution is required from the driver of the disabled vehicle.

Recovery of a seriously damaged vehicle Some road traffic incidents make it impossible to carry out roadside repairs so the damaged vehicle is brought back to our premises at Midhurst. Personal items within the vehicle are listed, bagged and tagged and safely stored to await collection by the owner. The vehicle is parked within our secure compound, with its ultimate fate dependant upon an insurance company's assessor's report.

If the vehicle is considered repairable, the insurance company arranges for its removal to an approved body shop, with a courtesy car often supplied to the insured person. Where the vehicle is considered beyond economical repair, it is categorised by the assessor and is collected by a salvage agent for scrap.

Awaiting attention in our secure compound at Midhurst The recovery, storage and disposal costs are meet by the vehicle owner's insurance company, except where third party cover is in force. In this case the owner is totally responsible for all administration and storage costs. As these charges mount up very quickly, it is advisable to swiftly decide on the vehicles fate to minimise fees.

The Motoring organisations frequently recognise the dedication and professionalism of Midhurst Engineering's recovery operatives and issue commendation certificates which are displayed in our customer waiting area.