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Toy Breakdown Truck  Welcome to Guy Morgan's Rally Pages
   From humble beginnings to trophies in the cabinet

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These pages are an attempt to keep all of the rally exploits in one place, all the laughs, the thank you's and to give those interested in the current car, an idea of what's going on.

6 AUG 2009 - The work begins transforming a 'wreck' into a race car.

20 AUG 2009 - We had our first meeting with the new car, all went well! First in the first heat, 4th in the second heat after getting bulked in by slower cars and finally second in the final. What a day, first time out in this car and come home with a lovely trophy.

The car is now sent to the spray shop ready for the Mideng orange! Afterwards the sponsors names are added.

An all singing, all dancing gearbox will be fitted for the next meeting on Bank Holiday Monday 31 August. It is a Quaife hod rod box, with 2. 2nd second gears with a rocket shift. Basically, there is only 400 rpm drop between the change between the 2 gears, which keeps the engine on song [in simple terms] we are hoping to fit the new box next week.

Coming next month: 220hp full race 16v red top Vauxhall engine. Guy has just secured sponsorship deal with Metcalf tanks of Littlehampton.

26 AUG 2009 - These Two pictures show the car has had all the panels repaired by fibre glass, rubbed down and filled, rubbed down again. Then we have sprayed with a primer, then wet flatted it. Again, so much work before the final coats of colour.

3 SEP 2009 - Notes awaited

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