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Petrol PumpMisfuelling
A costly mistake


Mis fuelling Petrol wrecks a diesel engine lubrication process, and is particularly damaging to its costly, high-pressure pump, fuel injection system and filters. So if you know you've made the classic mistake of filling up with petrol, avoid inserting the ignition key and ask the forecourt staff for help. They will arrange to move your vehicle away from the fuel pump and call your breakdown service or Midhurst Engineering if you don't belong to one.

If you have already started the engine and driven off, then you may get half a mile or so down the road before your car gives up the ghost on you, so you will need to call your breakdown service or Midhurst Engineering yourself.

It won't be possible to drain the fuel on the spot, as this has to be done under controlled conditions in a garage, so the recovery vehicle will transport your car and its passengers to a destination of choice or to Midhurst Engineering where they will drain the tank, clean the hoses and purge the fuel from the pumps. It will be recommended that the filter is replaced at the earliest opportunity and that the fuel tank is filled to capacity immediately.

Midhurst Engineering are usually able to carry out a simply "drain out" the same day and the task will usually take just over the hour. The contaminated fuel is stored for later disposal in line with environmental regulations.

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