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Richard Jones 
Hemel Hempstead
Thursday, 10. August 2017 09:10 Host: host86-155-83-10.range86-155.btcentralplus.com Write a comment Send E-mail

Chris and Gary were very efficient in recovering my vehicle , especially Gary with driving us through heavy rain and very bad M25 traffic and he managed to get himself round most of the jams. He ws very efficient and easy to talk to.
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David Bradley 
Thursday, 27. July 2017 12:50 Host: host-212-159-144-127.static.as13285.net Write a comment Send E-mail

Sadly our Feedback Page has been off line for a while but we are please to report that a fix has been applied and all should be OK to add your observations and comments.
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Saturday, 27. May 2017 08:33 Host: host81-154-202-215.range81-154.btcentralplus.com Write a comment Send E-mail

Thank you Jordon for bringing me home last night. Would you be so kind as to e-mail me the receipt so I can forward it on to the A.A.
With many thanks.
Rosemary Hosp.
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Jon kennedy 
Sunday, 26. February 2017 23:59 IP: 0545c5e6.skybroadband.com Write a comment Send E-mail

brilliant service came out very fast,saved us from bordon petrol station was sitting there panicking after putting diesel in a petrol car.will definitely ring again in a emergency can't thank you guys enough
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Wednesday, 26. October 2016 17:13 Host: host86-176-171-102.range86-176.btcentralplus.com Write a comment

We are so grateful to Steve G who rescued us today. My husband is disabled and Steve went beyond the call of duty, dealing with all the equipment, and getting us safely home. How lucky we were.
Thank you, Steve.
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Madelaine Magee 
Friday, 14. October 2016 21:23 IP: 82-69-72-219.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk Write a comment Send E-mail

We recently required the services of one of your breakdown recovery vehicles to take our car with its punctured tyre to a local tyre service for repair. We were attended by one of your representatives, Steve.

I would like to pass on my utmost praise and appreciation for his professional and supportive management of our recovery.

My son, who was with me during the incident, has Autism. Unfortunately, his condition means his behaviour can often 'deteriorate' if his senses are overloaded, or there is a sudden or unexpected change in his routine.

I would like to report how Steve's supportive management of the situation, and his positive engagement with my son, helped to get Yvan this 'stressful' process with minimal negative impact.

I would like it noted what a credit Steve is to your company.

Many thanks
Madelaine Magee
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Tom Dunsmore 
Thursday, 1. September 2016 16:46 IP: 82-69-72-219.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk Write a comment Send E-mail

Shortly after 4 pm on the afternoon of Thursday, 25th August, I had occasion to call for Roadside Assistance through my insurer LV, due to a flat battery; I was at Canine Partners (Your information sheet no.107128)

Your representative, whose name regretfully I did not ask, came shortly after. He was not only very efficient but also understanding and pleasant and soon had me ready for the road; he also followed me part of my way home to ensure that all was well. Excellent service from him and a great credit to your company.

Please pass my grateful thanks to him on behalf of my wife and myself. We did get home safely without any mishap.
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Michael Robinson 
near Winchester
Wednesday, 20. May 2015 08:36 Host: host-212-159-144-127.static.as13285.net Write a comment

After breaking down near Winchester, I called for recovery, the arrival time was fast. When my car was being put on the truck Jordan ensured he didn't scratch or scrape the car and he wrapped the winch hook to make sure it didn't scratch or knock the valance. When we arrived back he unloaded the car again being careful and doing as he did before, he then helped me get it into the garage.
Brilliant service and customer care.
Would recommend to anyone, if in the area, and I would definitely use the company again.

Thanks for your all your help

Michael Robinson
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Mark Dunn 
Wildham, Stoughton
Monday, 19. January 2015 11:31 Host: host-212-159-144-127.static.as13285.net Write a comment

I am a more than happy customer.

My wheel locking nut was stuck too tight for me to move...and you were called out for me by my insurance company.

Your operative Mr Goddard was extremely efficient and effective, and went well beyond what could have been expected....he improvised a strapping mechanism, held it in place with a jack, and succeeded in moving a corroded and 'stuck fast' locking nut, which had a cracked end-piece.

I said thank you...but I'd like you to know that he's a 'the tops' in my book.
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Thursday, 18. December 2014 09:26 Host: host81-151-83-201.range81-151.btcentralplus.com Write a comment

A MASSIVE thank-you to the hugely helpful Emily on the phone who managed to keep my wife very calm in tricky circumstances. She was professional and kind. Many Thanks!
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Friday, 14. November 2014 20:13 Host: host86-141-124-209.range86-141.btcentralplus.com Write a comment

A big thank you to the truly helpful young girl I spoke to on the phone - Emily I think. You were truly calm and professional.
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