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In our bodyshop Midhurst Engineering has a reputation for quality repairs and our customers endorse this by recommendation and repeat business. We also have a high satisfaction level with insurance companies when we carry out their repairs.

We can guarantee a perfect colour match every time using our paint mixing equipment which can accurately match any colour to manufacturer's specifications.

Enclosed within the body shop building is a low bake oven which allows the transfer of vehicles from the preparation area into the oven. This reduces contamination of areas to be painted and achieves a high quality finish.

Midhurst Engineering will repair anything from a minor scratch to a full accident rebuild. Our body shop manager specialises in paint restoration of vintage and classic cars, frequently overseeing their complete restoration.

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Spray Bake Oven

A classic E-Type Jaguar received some TLC in our Bodyshop recently. No ordinary spray job this one, with the end result suitable for Her Majesty's Secret Service on foreign missions!

A road traffic accident? "Well no, I was enjoying a polo match and one of the riders veered off the pitch straight into my pickup truck, tumbled over the top, and landed on the other side. I couldn't believe the damage that was done". Fortunately Midhurst Engineering's bodyshop services was able to come galloping to the rescue to restore the truck back to pristine condition. Now that's a good result!

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